What Is A Cataract?

A cataract is when the lens of your eye develops a clouding making it difficult to perform daily activities. Reading becomes difficult, as does driving a vehicle or seeing facial expressions. Because of the slow onset of cataracts many people don’t realize that their vision is being diminished. It’s typically until after the surgical procedure is done, do people notice how dramatically their vision has improved.

What Causes Cataracts?

Aging and/or trauma are associated with the main causes of cataracts, however other reasons and conditions can also be associated with the development of cataracts. Some medications can develop cataracts as can medical conditions such as diabetes.

Symptoms Of Cataract

Blurry vision, light sensitivity, issues with visual depth perception, diminished visual clarity, light sensitivity and dullness of colors.

In addition, you may find it difficult to complete a daily tasks like driving, seeing signs and advertisements, watching tv, reading phone messages, or anything else that can be detailed oriented when it comes to vision.

How Are Cataracts Treated?

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery.

How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?

Due to the varying nature of cataract surgery, it is best to give our office a call for price estimations. We will be happy to help inform you on specific pricing and payment options.