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Office Based Surgery

“With rigorous measures in place, patients can benefit from a high standard of care in a comfortable and accessible environment. Our comprehensive approach ensures patient safety and satisfaction.”

Dr. McNutt performing office based cataract surgery at Physicians Eye Clinic of Laredo
Dr. McNutt performing office based cataract surgery at  Physicians Eye Clinic of Laredo

Our office-based surgery suite offers a modern, patient-centered approach to surgical care.

With a focus on efficiency, convenience, and personalized attention, we ensure that you receive exceptional medical treatment tailored to your unique needs.

Enjoy a seamless and comfortable surgical experience with relaxing music and heated massage chairs before and after your surgical procedure.

Our commitment to patient satisfaction is at the core of our mission, and we are pleased to provide this convenient new facility to our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office based surgical equipment

What Is Office Based Surgery?

Office-based surgery is any surgical or invasive procedure performed by a licensed physician in a location other than a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. These procedures are typically performed in a suite located within or near the physician’s office.

What Are the Advantages of OBS?

Our office-based surgery suite is customized for ophthalmic procedures, therefore, patients experience a higher level of satisfaction.

Because we offer both clinic and surgery together, we can provide a more streamlined and personalized approach to patient care.

Enjoy hassle-free scheduling, one-location convenience, reduced surgery time, a premium environment, and a familiar staff who knows you.

Is Office-Based Surgery Safe?


Over 50,000 cases have been safely preformed in the OBS setting. In 2016 Kaiser Permanente published a study on 21,501 cataract cases preformed in the office setting, with outcomes that were consistent with hospitals or ambulatory service centers.

Is Insurance Needed for Surgery?


You do not need insurance to receive care at our office-based surgery suite.

Our aim is to make our services affordable and offer flexible financing options for our patients.

We are now enabled to welcome all patients, with and without insurance!

Do I Need to Fast Prior to Surgery?

No. Fasting is not required for OBS surgery.


  • No Fasting
  • No IV
  • More Convenient Location
  • More Scheduling Options
  • Less Time in Recovery
  • Less Worry