Try Our Dry Eye Starter Trio! $60.00
This is a great place to start if you are noticing dry eye symptoms Our dry eye trio includes a Bruder Mask, a 30-count of preservative-free Retaine MGD drops, and an Ocusoft Original cleansing product of your choice!

Ocusoft Original Lid Scrub Wipes 30ct $15.00
These wipes are great for daily cleansing of the eyelashes and lid margin in a convenient package. Great for travel!

Ocusoft Original Foaming Wash 5mL $15.00
This foam is a daily cleanser that works wonders on blepharitis and keeping the eyelashes and lid margins clean. Especially great for make-up or lash extension users!

Ocusoft Plus Lid Scrub Wipes 30ct $20.00
These wipes are great for those with moderate-severe blepharitis and are also convenient for travel.

Ocusoft Allergy Lid Scrub Wipes 30ct $25.00
These wipes are perfect for those with seasonal allergies! Wipe the eyelid margin and leave the formula on for instant relief!

Ocusoft Hypochlor 0.02% $24.00
This leave-on spray is perfect for those suffering from dry eyes or allergies. It helps to rinse away bacteria and allergens from the surface of the eye and improves meibomian gland dysfunction. Great for use alongside any Ocusoft cleanser!

Ocusoft Retaine MGD 30ct $27.00
A perfect preservative-free emulsion for those with meibomian gland dysfunction. Feel immediate relief and re-apply up to every 2 hours or as needed.

Ocusoft Retaine p.m. $16.00
Little did we know, some of us keep our eyes open at night! This ointment will keep your eye lubricated even while you catch some z’s. Pair with a night-time sleeping mask for an extra luxurious feel and results.

Ocusoft Retaine OM3 30 day supply $30.00
Nutrition plays a big part in dry eye! Just like the rest of our body, sometimes the eyes need a little extra help from these supplements to keep things healthy and well-oiled!

Ocusoft Retaine Flax 30 day supply $30.00
These are a great alternative for Omega 3 and 6 nutritional supplements for people who cannot consume fish oil products.

Bruder Mask $25.00
Try this specially designed mask to loosen up the oils in your eyelid glands and fully benefit from well-lubricated eyes. If you can stay awake, we recommend you add in an eyelid massage at the end for the best results!

Systane Preservative-Free 30ct $15.00
Lubricating eye drops and preservatives to optimize the moisturizing effect. Each vial lasts 24 hours and can be used up to every 2 hours. Great for pre and post surgery!

Systane Complete $13.00
Great for eyes that need a little extra lubrication and longer-lasting relief.

Systane Ultra $13.00
These drops are great for those on the computer or phone for long periods of time!

Zaditor anti-histamine drops $15.00
This combination drop provides instant relief from itchy eyes for up to 12 hours! Re-apply in the morning and at bedtime for best results during allergy season!

WeLoveEyes: Tea Tree Oil Makeup Remover $20.00
This optometrist-designed cleanser has tea tree oil at a high enough concentration for killing bacteria, demodex, and removing other unwanted debris on the lash line and eyelid margin. Also great at removing water-proof makeup!

WeLoveEyes: Tea Tree Oil for Men $24.00
This tea tree oil has even more potency for the men who tend to have more bacteria on their eyelids and lashes.