Dry Eye Trio! $75.00 

Our Dry Eye Trio, comprising Systane Complete PF eye drops, WeLoveEyes Foaming Cleanser, and a Bruder Moist Heat Eye Mask, offers a comprehensive solution to alleviate dry eye symptoms. Get this complete care package at a special discounted rate and save, while nourishing and rejuvenating your eyes for optimum comfort and health.

Ocusoft Original Lid Scrub Wipes 30ct: $15.00

These wipes are great for daily cleansing of the eyelashes and lid margin in a convenient package. Great for travel!

Bruder Mask: $25.00

Try this specially designed mask to loosen up the oils in your eyelid glands and fully benefit from well-lubricated eyes. If you can stay awake, we recommend you add in an eyelid massage at the end for the best results!

Systane Complete PF: $27.00

Great for eyes that need a little extra lubrication and longer-lasting relief. 10 ml.

Zaditor Anti-histamine Drops: $15.00

This combination drop provides instant relief from itchy eyes for up to 12 hours! Re-apply in the morning and at bedtime for best results during allergy season!

Lumify: $20.00

These drops are designed to reduce redness and provide whiter, brighter eyes for up to 8 hours, offering fast relief with minimal side effects.

WeLoveEyes Tea Tree Oil:  $24.00

This optometrist-designed cleanser has tea tree oil at a high enough concentration for killing bacteria, demodex, and removing other unwanted debris on the lash line and eyelid margin. Also great at removing water-proof makeup!