Who it’s for:

Perfect for anyone with itching or teary eyes, blepharitis, or those who regularly use lash extensions.

What to Expect: 

Lay back and relax to some soothing spa music while we perform a thorough cleaning of the lid margin and lashes using the Zocular ZEST kit made with micellar okra complex to gently lift and clear oil, debris, and any residue on the eyelid margins and lashes. The procedure requires no downtime and you can enjoy the immediate results of cool, refreshed eyelids. Results can be maintained with an at-home daily lid hygiene routine designed by Dr. Mota and Dr. McNutt.

Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation 

Who it’s for: 

Anyone with meibomian gland dysfunction, contact lens users, computer use, lash extension wearers, and anyone who wants a longer-lasting option with little maintenance required.

What to expect: 

Begin your experience with a full ZEST cleaning as described above. After your lashes and lids are cleaned, this in-office procedure uses a single-use activator that is inserted into the eye like a contact lens. It wraps around the eyelids, heats up to approximately 42 degrees Celsius to loosen up the oils residing in the meibomian glands, and massages the eyelids to express any blocked glands. The procedure is approximately 12 minutes in length with no downtime. Go home with well-lubricated eyes and enjoy results lasting from 1-2 years depending on current gland health.

We have found that when ZEST and Lipiflow are performed together, the results are much better and longer lasting, so we now offer the combo at a discounted rate!

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