***Update: It is mandatory for all patients to have the COVID19 Test 72 hours prior to the surgery. After being tested you will need to be self-quarantined at home until the day of surgery. Depending on the hospital you choose, you might be required to get lab work and an EKG done as well. You do not need to be fasting to get a COVID test done.

Foremost, your safety comes first at Physicians Eye Clinic of Laredo and we take all precautions seriously to ensure the best care possible.

Before your surgery, we will reach out to you when your orders are ready. When you pick up your orders the next step is to register at the hospital or surgery center. During this time please have your ID card, medications, and insurance card.

After that, an assessment is performed and you’ll be updated with the time scheduled for surgery. You must be fasting the day of your surgery.

Post-operation visits are scheduled on the same day after the surgery so please make arrangements for transportation to and from the hospital on the day of the surgery and to your post-operation appointment. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home after surgery.